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Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit SKLK-1

Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit SKLK-1

Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit SKLK-1

Manufacturer: Lenspen
$ 88.00
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The Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit is a more than handy kit to have around when you want to keep your DSLR free from dirt and other contaminants. It contains all the elements required to not only clean your sensor but your cameras, camcorders, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, rifle scopes, night vision gear and more.

The SensorKlear Loupe will help you identify dust particles on the sensor surface while the LensPen Hurricane Blower will blow them out. For the stubborn little specs that refuse to be blown out, the SensorKlear II Pen will readily get them off. The tip is concave matching the lens surface on various optics.

Note! Do not use the LensPen on wet surfaces

Permits you to see and clean your sensor at the same time
No damaging or messy liquids
Approved for use by N.A.S.A for use on the International Space Station
Uses carbon-based cleaning pad to remove dirt - removes 100% of fingerprint oil
Use LensPen tip up to 500x
  • Helps Remove Dirt from Sensors
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Tissues
  • Use on All Cameras
  • Small and Portable
  • Self-Contained / Easy to Use
  • Used by N.A.S.A
sku: SKLK-1


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